Saturday, August 11, 2018

Moving hosts and more.

I'm still slowly catching up on show-notes here on the blog, and there will be some for Episode 73 later today. But I thought I'd give the few that read the blog an update on some things: 

  1. We are moving hosts! Well, effectively we already have. We going to be hosting the how on Podbean, moving from Soundcloud. Soundcloud is great for music, not for podcasts. It was adequate, and it did get an alright job for us for sometime, but the site is not catered to podcasts like Podbean, or Lybsin, or Bluberry or several other hosting sites are. I decided to go with Podbean because it seems fairly stable, gives us advertising options (sorry, it's eventually going to happen to cover the cost of upgrades, and hosting), and has the potential for opening up other platforms for us down the road. We will continue to upload new files to Soundcloud, but no longer will the back log be found there after September. Podbean seems like a great choice for us, and a lot of fantastic podcasts host on Podbean. Like I said we'll continue to put up new episodes on Soundcloud after September, but they'll only remain there for a few weeks, so if you do subscribe to us on Soundcloud, please consider subscribing to us on Podbean (iTunes, and other platforms should not be affected). But you can find us on Podbean here:
  2. YouTube! So we have the YouTube channel, but haven't posted anything in about 3 almost 4 months. My lady was doing the video editing for us, and she was having some major computer problems, she still is. Her lap top hasn't completely given up, but she's become frustrated with the process, and so we are holding off. I may do some rudimentary videos of our most recent back log, but those will consist of the title thumbnail only, and not involve any fun images. John has a computer that he is going to give us that was built not long ago, so we will have that upgrade coming, but it won't happen until John and I are actually able to see each other, which should be in about a month. 
  3. This blog! We are going to continue to keep this going. I will be going through and slowly replacing the Soundcloud embedded players with Podbean. I'd also like to start doing written reviews again. I've done a few, but time is a very difficult beast to nail down. I'll not set goals yet, but you can at least expect to see continued posts on each episode here, as well as the occasional random post on certain topics. 

That's it for now. John and I will be looking at a few animated series over the next couple of months before we switch gears to horror movies at the end of September through October. So stay tuned for that, it's going to be a lot of fun.

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