Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Episode 3: Mad Max, Gender Roles in Cinema

Episode 3: Mad Max: Fury Road, Gender Roles in Cinema
Hosts: Frank Shaw and John Belliston
Contributors: Jax, and Aubrey Spivey.
Produced by Hobos in the Back Row
Edited by: Frank Shaw
Intro Music: Piano Sonata mvnt 1 by F.G. Shaw
Outro Music: Piano Sonata mvnt 3 by F.G. Shaw

Here it is! A little bit late, but a fun conversation never the less. Joining John and I for this podcast is Jax, and Aubrey Spivey to talk about Mad Max: Fury Road, and to discuss gender roles in cinema.

The sound quality is a lot lower than our previous podcasts. We tried a different way recording this podcast and it turned out not to be ideal. Live and learn. We're taking notes and going to be making changes to help up the quality for when we have multiple guests in the future.
 There are a lot of notes today:

First some links on Fury Road:

Why Furiosa is the main character of Mad Max.

Why Fury Road isn't feminist. 

How Fury Road switches up gender roles in cinema. 

And here's a list of links that lead to articles and studies that deal directly with gender roles in cinema.

Here's a link discussing women in the film industry. We don't delve into this particular aspect, but it is interesting.
Let her go!

Here's an actual study of how male and female roles are treated in movies broken down by rating.

A graphic showing gender roles in action films over the years.

Article discussing gender roles in horror films.

Thesis on horror films and gender roles in cinema. (Long read, but fascinating).

This article actually disagrees with the consensus we have about horror films. It's interesting, and we may visit this topic again (specifically with horror).

Gender roles in Disney Films. (I think this is something that we will revisit, specifically for Disney movies down the road.)

More about Disney movies.

Bechdel Test website. 

Movies that pass the Bechdel Test.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Episode 3 is recorded and is in editting.

Just finished recording Episode 3 a few hours ago. Now to edit and polish. This episode we welcome 2 guests: Aubrey Spivey and Jax. We talk about Mad Max Fury Road and discuss gender roles in cinema. It's a fun conversation and I can't wait for people to give it a listen.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Here's our second episode and here are the show notes:

Episode 2: Avengers Age of Ultron and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Hosts: Frank Shaw and John Belliston
Produced by Hobos in the Back Row
Edited by: Frank Shaw
Intro Music: Piano Sonata mvnt 1 by F.G. Shaw
Outro Music: Piano Sonata mvnt 3 by F.G. Shaw

We discuss and speculate about a lot of things in this episode. Primarily about the MCU (though we do touch on a few other things that will likely pop up in episodes later on). Do you agree with us? Do you disagree with us? Do you just want to comment?

Comment below, or shoot as an email at relevant2rinterests@gmail.com

(The audio issue hasn't been fixed. It plays great on headphones it seems, but on speakers it still suffers from a low volume. I'm still looking into this and experimenting with possible solutions so bear with us.)

Here's some supplemental reading (and listening, and viewing) for the show:
Joss Whedon's fight with Marvel: Vanity Fair Article.
This article gives the bare details, but reports about it from a podcast interview that I'll link to after I have listened to it myself.

Another interview with Joss Whedon from Buzzfeed detailing his thoughts on the Solo Marvel films lacking a strong female character. A spoiler to some of our conversation for the next episode as we are going to be talking about gender roles in the cinema (specifically action movies).

Here's the cast list for Captain America: Civil War

Mark Ruffalow talking about his future as Hulk and Hulk movies. He seems to be potentially contradicted by this article. And if you're not tired of reading about it, here's another one.

Everything I've read on Thor: Ragnarok seems to be focusing on the more mythological aspects (which I'm very ok with). Here's the Wikipedia article on the character Ragnarok, which I think would be cool to see.

Here's some new news about Dr. Strange: Tilda Swinton may be in it? Maybe he'll turn up in Netflix's Iron Fist?

Also, Spiderman apparently has NOT been cast yet.

And finally, for those that have the time and want to listen to Kevin Smith chat with Joe Quesada for a couple hours, here's the link to the Fatman on Batman podcast episode where he does just that, talking about Daredevil.

That's really it at the moment. I'm going to start posting on the blog twice a week. Mostly news about the podcast or if we're doing something a little more in depth (like the next episode) and requires a little more knowledge of something other than geek stuff we'll occasionally be posting articles we're using in our research that the listeners may find of interest.

Shoot us any suggestions, ideas or criticisms you might have.