Monday, July 16, 2018

Episode 70: Deadpool 2

Episode 70: Deadpool 2
Produced by Relevant to Our Interests
Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw
Scripting by: Frank Shaw and John Belliston
Edited by: Frank Shaw

Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw
Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw
Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw

What can I say about Deadpool 2 that I haven't already? Well. I liked it. I liked the first one more, but I did enjoy it. I don't love it though. I don't love the character Deadpool. I think it's just too meta for my tastes and because of that the character falls flat. Which in some ways is sad as I love some of the humor of both the on screen and on page character. But something about the constant breaking of the fourth wall, and the awareness the character has for his own fiction doesn't click with me. 

That being said: there's a lot I do enjoy. Cable is great. Domino might be one of my favorite on screen comic characters (she certainly makes the top 5), and Firefist? I hope that young actor goes on to have a successful career, because he's fantastic!

One thing that John and I do bring up is the blatant trolling of theorists during the lead up to the release of the film. John and I like to throw out theories on the podcast because it's fun. Especially when we come up with crazy shit that is completely off the rails (it's better when we get from a different site, but hey it fun to make up your own.) We never take it seriously. We watch the stuff we watch for it's entertainment value first, then reflect on it after the fact. So for Deadpool, and Fox to troll the folks that take their fan theories a little too seriously was refreshing, and hilarious.

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